I came across this question recently and decided to take on the challenge. I wondered if it was possible for companies to notice when they believe the user is most likely to churn and potentially offer them a discount so that the user stays with the service longer.

Udacity provided a dataset for a fictional company called Sparkify. Every interaction a user has with the service is stored in the data file. …

I want to start this journey off with a few questions? How can I provide quality of life and knowledge changes to all parties involved with AirBnB? What further analysis can be done to potentially improve the user experience? What information could be provided to users to help them make better decisions when choosing a place to stay at? What potential improvements can be made to make analysis easier on the backend for those doing their own analysis or even for AirBnB analysts?

These were the questions on my mind when I was presented and started to dig through the…

Joseph Femia

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